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The Global warming debate
Start here
Climate science and falsifiability
Are extreme weather events increasing?
Will an new Ice Age cancel Global Warming?
Climate Sensitivity - the Three Babies Test
Refuting the climate contrarians' hypothesis
The effect of global warming on cloud cover
Hurricane/typhoons and global warming

Green Wage Subsidy - alternative to unemployment - voluntary, low cost, greens the economy.
Costing the Green Wage Subsidy
Practical Economics: Living on Low Income Wiki
October 15th (#Occupy) movement - what are the demands?
Why debt is universal and growing
Preventing a recurrence of the English riots of 2011
Deficit 80% due to banks 
Green economics can grow the UK out of recession
Alternatives to Osborne's cuts
Derivatives and their toxic effect on the real economy
How do banks create new money?
Overview of Green Economics
The UK's parlous financial condition

Transnational Corporation Law Reform

The Population Problem - start here

Democratic non-violent revolution
General Tea Break - all purpose direct action
What can we do about dictators?
Uprising in the Middle East

Green political philosophy

Is Trump a Fascist?
If you are thinking of voting UKIP. read this first
The distorting media
How can we address the causes of migration effectively?

Nuclear weapons and Logic
A syllogism that cuts through the confusion
Trident - is it like an insurance policy?
11 occasions where we escaped outbreak of nuclear war

Nuclear Power - Insure it

War and Peace
War - 1 in 2 current wars are due to separatism
Israel and Palestine
Non-violent ways of eliminating Daesh

Fatwa against terrorism
Preventing van ramming attacks
Social Resistance to Terrorist attacks

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