Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ian Tomlinson CCTV cameras: IPCC in a state of silent confusion

Just finished a phone call from Chris Mathaney (?sp.) at the "Independent" Police Complaints Commission, to find out what the facts are about the CCTV cameras. I told Chris I had first heard that there were no CCTV cameras where Ian was hit, then that there were, but nothing covering the actual incident; what were the actual facts? He said that there was "masses" of video to go through. I asked "were there no times on the CCTV footage, so that you could go straight through to the relevant bit?" Yes there were times, but they might or might not be the right times. It was all very technical, and I could not hope to grasp its complexity. It will take months for the IPCC to come to any conclusion.

So there we have it. From the horse's mouth. Months of studying footage of an incident that lasted a second. Months of perfecting the wording of the "I"PCC report.

Why months? Because memories become dim over months. Most people will probably forget all about it.

The pulse in my head is making a sound like "Burma, Burma, Burma"

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