Monday, June 22, 2009

News from Iran

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Don't wait for sterile sanitised news from the corporate media! Be aware that this is all unchecked stuff, which may turn out to be untrue. Just like what you read in the newspaper, only they don't print this health warning.

Khamenei started to step back: He arrested the chief of Bassiji for killing civilians . This is great news. It gives a signal to the police and the Republican Guard also. There are signs of rifts in the governming authorities at a political level. Great. Wobbliness.

Demonstrations continue today: Teheran 4pm Teheran - Haft Tir Sq - candle vigil - sitting on floor - in memory of our martyrs . Also in Tabriz and Isfahan.

And in London: UK in front of Iranian Embassy (Hyde Park) Monday 22 June 6-9 PM

Amnesty International UK has a letter you can sign.

This site
is showing faces of demonstrators and trying to get people to grass them. It is in Farsi, but go to bottom and enter any name that comes to your head. The middle box is to be left blank or it comes up as incorrect. I put "Kaveh the Blacksmith" in as he was the Iranian revolutionary who brought down the demonic Zhahuk in Persian mythology.

Iran Labour Unions join the resistance (Great! maybe the Left in the UK will start to wake up now!)

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René O'Deay said...

No, general not arrested. affirmed his submission to Khamenei.