Thursday, June 18, 2009

Seumas Milne on Iran election - rebuttal to Guardian

The Editor, the Guardian

Seumus Milne opines that the claims that the Iran election was stolen is "unsubstantiated" (18 June, p. 33). The facts of the matter are that there were no independent observers, there were electoral irregularities, Khameni announced the Ahmadinajad "victory" before the votes could possibly have been counted, there was a suspicious consistency to the announced results, a high poll rarely backs a sitting government, especially when the country is in economic trouble, and Ahmadinajad is far from popular in Iran. It is amazing that a regular Guardian columnist should disrespect the courage of ordinary Iranians who face arrest, beatings and murder in their protest against a regime that oppresses women and restricts freedom. His reasoning seems to be that anything that Israel might welcome must be wrong. Reality is a little more complex than that, Seumas.

Dr Richard Lawson
Green Party PPC for Weston


Anonymous said...

"Reality is a little more complex than that, Seumas."
What a patronising comment. Are such an expert that you can dismiss him in this manner?
And you spelled his name wrong!

DocRichard said...

Hello anonymous.

It is true. Reality is more complex than geopolitical analysis of what America is up to. There is such a thing as the needs and aspirations of ordinary people.

If I spelled Seumas wrong, Mr Milne also spells it wrong, because that's how he spells it.

Thanks for commenting.