Sunday, December 06, 2009

Giving Peter Mandelson a Wave

Peter Mandelson - not as bad as they make out
HT to George Lucas

A funny thing happened to me on Saturday at the Stop Climate Chaos Wave march. I was handing out Green Party leaflets to the shoppers, when, steaming up the pavement* ("sidewalk" to ex-colonials) comes none other than Peter Mandelson, Pooh-Bah, Lord High Everything Else of New Labour.

So I gives him a leaflet with the words "I don't suppose we can count on your support?"

And he's like, "I think you can" or words to that effect.

I think he meant that the Govt is on board with doing something about global heating, not that he is going to vote Green.

He's not as tall as he looks on telly.

* No bodyguards, no limo, nothing. Is he on the way out?


Kaihsu Tai said...

I demand photographic evidence!

DocRichard said...

Don't you like the photograph I put up?

Kaihsu Tai said...

The image does not depict you handing a leaflet to the fantastically-dressed entity.

DocRichard said...

Another skeptic eh? This could take a long time...