Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not a good day

Yesterday about 10 am I got a call saying I should have been in Weston doing a locum at 9am. My Psion is broken, and I did not get a reminder. Jumped unshaven into the car, and set off down the snowy lane, choosing the less steep option. Furniture van blocking exit. Ask men to move it, then decided to try to reverse up the lane and go the other way. Got wheelspin on the last bit, went down again and reversed along the lane at the bottom. Went into Weston, dropped wallet outside surgery, (returned by honest patient) took surgery, hampered only by a printer that insisted on printing scripts on reports and reports on scripts, had lunch and set off to do 3 visits. Got stuck in traffic, so 2 consultations took an hour and a half, did last visit in the evening.

Thank God that's over.


weggis said...

See a Doctor!

DocRichard said...

I think it would be more helpful to see the man in the off-license.

Anyway, this PCP (pre-christmas panic) is not as bad as in past years:

weggis said...

My kind of medication!