Saturday, December 19, 2009

Piers Corbyn - who is he, where and what his dwelling?

Piers Corbyn is popping up on Russia Today and elsewhere preaching the sceptics' Do Not Be Alarmed gospel.

He is brother of the Left-wing MP Jeremy Corbyn, and was in the International Marxist Group in 1977. And active in the squatter movement in London in the 19702 - fair play to him for that.

He invented the "Solar Weather Technique" which predicts extreme weather events on the basis of solar activity. He gets some good predictions, some bad, but one evaluation concluded that his methods were better than chance.

At the end of 2007 , Corbyn predicted that temperatures in January could plummet to -17*C in the Midlands, and that the average temperature for January would be close to freezing. In fact it ended up being one of the warmest Januaries since records began.

He does not publish his methods, and therefore is not technically part of the scientific community, because an essential part of science is to detail what you are doing, so that others can reproduce your work in their lab. Instead he runs a commercial business, selling his forecasts to farmers &c.

Corbyn's forecasts relate to weather events. Climatologists' predictions relate to global climate. There is a big difference.

Corbyn says CO2 has zero impact, but even skeptic Patrick Michaels agrees that CO2 does have an impact.

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