Thursday, January 14, 2010

Green political Blogs keep their end up

I've just been having a look at Total Politics, the supreme authority on political blogging in the entire world, to see what they're up to, and I find a list of blogs by political party, (slurp, slurp) which read as follows:

Non Aligned (484)
Conservative (376)
Labour (224)
LibDem (224)
Right Wing (170)
Left Wing (166)
Green (115)
Libertarian (83)
SNP (37)
Plaid (31)
UKIP (29)
BNP (26)
SDLP (2)
Mebyon Kernow (2)
Respect (2)
English Democrats (1)

So we Greens are doing pretty well, blogwise, on a per capita basis,m which augurs well if the coming election campaign has a strong Web base.

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