Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cameron admits Ashcroft does not pay full British Tax on New Poster

Thanks to Andy Barefoot for the poster tool.

Further to my earlier posting, I thought it best to force the issue of the Conservative imbroglio over Ashcroft's non-dom status by producing the above poster. Due to the immense generosity of a millionaire donor domiciled in a tax haven, we will be able to flood the country with bill boards promoting the facts of the matter. (Not). The Tories will be obliged to sue us if they believe they have a case, but their attempt is doomed to failure because the Mabinogogiblog (see blog heading) has already engaged Messers Carter-Ruck to fight our corner. If they do not sue us, they will be either admitting guilt, or exercising de minimis non curantur lex. To avoid the latter, please tweet a link to this page.

[update 14 Feb: BBC report:

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne has insisted Lord Ashcroft's tax affairs are a matter for him and accused the media of bias in asking about them. He said similar questions should be asked about Labour donor Lord Paul, thought to be non-domiciled for tax.
No they should't George, because that would be a matter for them. Wouldn't it? In your estimation?

The report continues:
Tory chairman Eric Pickles told the BBC he did not know the peer's tax status but, if he did, he would say. 
So Eric is breaking omerta. Watch out for horse heads in the bed, Eric

In a forthcoming BBC Radio 4 documentary on party funding, Mr Pickles says he is "alarmed" by comments from the Information Commissioner, who accused the Conservatives of "obfuscatory" answers on Ashcroft. 
Obfuscatory is not wrong.
But he stops short of urging his deputy to be more open, telling presenter Ann McElvoy: "That's a matter for him to consider. Lord Aschcroft is entitled to his privacy." 
Eric is back singing from the Central Office hymn sheet. But it's a crap hymn, because it is not for him and the IR, there is a little matter of Electoral Law:

[Ashcroft's] donations [to the Tory Party] are the subject of an Electoral Commission investigation over claims the company through which they were made - Bearwood Corporate Services - is in breach of electoral law for not "carrying on business" in Britain.

As the poster says, it is perfectly clear to any non-politician that Ashcroft is not a British taxpayer, so the donations are illegitimate and the Tries must pay them back, as should Labour pay back the donations of Paul and Mittal, and the LibDems have a moral obligation to pay back their illegit donations from fraudster Michael Brown and arms dealer Sudir Choudhrie.

But with all 3 big parties up to their necks in nastiness, they are hoping to delay the day of reckoning until the election is in the bag for them.

There is a case for the Greens, Plaid Cymru, SNP, and any non-offensive other small parties to go twist arms at the Electoral Commission.

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