Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Christoph Andreas Sattler RIP

 I have just heard that a paraglider named Christoph Andreas Sattler has died in Nepal. 
My son Joe, who is also a paraglider, watched him plunge into Lake Pokhara. Christoph was an experienced acrobatic pilot, celebrating his 200th flight in Nepal. He unclipped 30 metres above the water, but hit the water flat, and never surfaced. Fuller account here on XC mag. It seems he intended to unclip, but misjudged the height. My sympathy to his family and friends.


If we could see that endless point in time
when we shall know for certain that
our journey here has reached its final end

and in some way   reel in the flow of life
and from that soaring pinnacle
look back upon this state

when we  can live and  love
and walk and breathe and
sing and talk and eat and act

and then come back
remembering what we'd seen
no longer lost inside the crashing now

and now of world wave history
smashed in a broken compound eye
a shattered image of a breaking time

then with that timeless vision
we'd live each golden heartbeat
with such a fierce intensity

to drink the music of the  sky
study the winding ivy on the branch
feel the excitement of the water in the stream

dance to the rhythms of the wave
and learn to live in such a way
that joy is everywhere.

Richard Lawson

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