Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daily Express blocks comment on their AGW stance

I was going to add a comment to the Daily Express piece about the slowing of global warming.
On logging in, I get this message:

Profile Has Been Suspended

Hello DocRichard, unfortunately your MyEXPRESS profile is currently suspended.
Your profile may have been suspended for several reasons, including:
• Breach of our MyEXPRESS guidelines
• Breach of the Daily Express website Terms and Conditions
• Persistent complaints from other MyEXPRESS members regarding your conduct
We're sorry that we have felt the need to suspend your MyEXPRESS profile, which bars you from accessing your profile in any way. Our MyEXPRESS members play a very important part in the Daily Express website. If you feel your profile has been suspended unfairly, by mistake or due to circumstances beyond your control, you can get in touch by clicking the button below and contacting the Daily Express Web Desk. 

Needless to say, I have not breached their guidelines, and there is no "button below".
This is the equivalent of keeping sceptics out of peer-reviewed journals. Time to complain to the press..oh...the Express is the press. Ah well.

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