Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Iain Stewart and the Last Ice Age

Graph - grateful thanks to Climate Art.

Iain Stewart is your man for getting a handle on what is happening to our planet. Today he tells the story of how human economics have affected the planet.  Great photography, clear narrative, and few if any annoying habits. Great guy.

It is worth listening to right through, but the thing that interested me is his assertion that agriculture about 7000 BC  released CO2 from soil and forest, and prevented an expected Ice Age.  This is new to me, and of course it is not gospel, it's science, so it may be wrong.  However, looking at the graph of ice age cycles, they all have sharp peaks except the last one. The level area after the last peak, on the extreme right, may be what Iain is talking about.

If the idea that we have postponed an Ice Age by our early greenhouse gas emissions is well attested, then this is another mighty piece of confirmation for AGW theory.

He also dived on some undersea methane emissions. That'll keep me busy tomorrow.

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