Tuesday, February 09, 2010

On Newsnight, Tories admit Lord Ashcroft does not pay full British Tax

All of this is Alledgedly:

I should be in bed, but a BBC TV Newsnight interview has got me going.  The one just now with Emily Maitland, Ben Bradshaw, Tory Sir George Young, and a nice man from the LibDems whose name may come to me in a minute.

Here is the Newsnight video. 

Anyway, they got the Sir Young to admit that "Lord" Ashchroft of Beleaze (is that how you spell it?) does not pay full British Tax.

Near as dammit. Trouble was they were doing the usual thing, all talking at once, and you couldn't hear clearly, but the Sir George would not and could say that Lord Ashcroft pays full tax.  Here is a pagefull of other Tories not admitting that he pays full tax.

So he does not pay full tax, otherwise The Tories would have said he did.

Lord Ashcroft does not pay full British tax. So under the rules the Tories have to pay back to Ashcroft the millions that he has so generously and with no strings attached, given them over the years. 5% of their total income.

So Labour have them bang to rights, and could financially cripple the Tories just before the Election, which would be a Good Thing, and save the country from mis-management by a Conservative Government who do not understand the economics of recession.

But Labour will not pull the trapdoor under the Tories, because they are standing on the self same trap door, with a similar noose around their necks because of their takings from the noble Lord, Lord Paul and also Mr Lakshmi Mittal (Why isn't Lakshmi a Lord? Surely he's given Labour enough by now).

I believe that we are going to wait until April Fools Day to find that the Tory party is bankrupt. (Financially, I mean, not philosophically or morally).

The LibDem bloke (grey hair, quite well spoken, not Nick Clegg, nor Vince) said the LibDem MPs claimed less, which is a good point, and that his party had put legislation in to stop this kind of thing, which is another good point, but quite reasonably he refrained from mentioning that the LibDems themselves had a miraculous escape from being forced to hand back £2.4m received from fraudster Michael Brown.  What I don't understand is why the Electoral Commission didn't make them give the money to th epeeps Brown had defrauded.

Chris Huhne! That's his name.

So basically, all 3 big parties have huge financial skeletons in their cupboards struggling to get out, and all have been fiddling the rules of party political donations.

[update more here from the Guardian: Tories are saying Sir Young "mis-spoke" (= was an idiot) when he said "Ashcroft is in the same position as a number of Labour peers who are non-domiciled".  So he is domiciled. Perhaps this means that he does not live in a cardboard box.]
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Anonymous said...

Then there's that donation by non dom Tory millionaire to the Green Party - Alledgedly.

DocRichard said...

Please specify what you mean by the above statment, preferably giving a link. I am not aware of any such donation. Until you give detail, your comment will stand as a baseless political slur.