Monday, April 19, 2010

BBC Election coverage avoids the obvious key question

The BBC advertisement claims that they are about making the election clear.
But they are not.

The clearest part of this election is the question of "fairness": more equal distribution of wealth. The Greens, LibDems and Labour all have the word "fair" in their slogan. This remarkable sharing must be due to the work of the Equality Trust, whose work shows that more equal societies do better in terms of just about any measure of social cohesion and harmony that you care to study.

So the question that the BBC should be putting to politicians is - "Do you intend to work for a fairer society and economy, and how do you intend to bring this about?"

This will sort the men from the boy Cameron, who alone of all the major parties eschews greater equality, relying instead on vacuous promises of change and unfunded burblings about his Big Society based on unpaid work by volunteers.

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