Saturday, April 03, 2010

NIC increases = tax on jobs = Labour is v stupid

A quick blast today before visiting friends in Dorset.
Labour is wrong wrong wrong to put up NICs. Whatever they say, it is a tax on jobs. They try to defend it by saying it is middle income jobs that get taxed, and that higher paid jobs get taxed more, but it is still a tax on jobs, which is a stupid thing to do when the UK economy is still in intensive care.
That, taken with the 10% tax, shows that Labour is very stupid. I hate to say things like this, but they leave me no choice.


Unknown said...

Hi Richard - schools are in a desperate state, teachers are being made redundant, managers have to be creative with timetabling so maths teachers are teaching PE!! Yes really! I wouldn't mind an increase in tax if vital services were not being cut! They should evaluate what is being spent and where and on what before they tax me more whilst cutting services? Am I not getting this because it simply does not make sense.

DocRichard said...

Hi Frugal Queen, This cannot be so, because St Tony Blair of the Immaculate Invasion had the mantra "Education, education, education" - so what is actually happening must be an illusion.
Maths teachers should not take PE because any skoolboy kno that maths is for Weeds.

Economists have to re-evaluate their field. Education, energy, housing &c is the real economy; banks, hedge funds &c, insofar as they have value, are there to service the real economy, not the other way around. Key is to re-balance the economy, to start a trend to reduce the gap between rich and poor, because that will be an investment with both real and financial dividends.

PS I am making a Humanure toilet. Will let you know how I get on.