Saturday, April 24, 2010

YouGov bias claim shame, Tory name may get blame

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This, from this Twitpic site, is a screenshot of a YouGov poll taken at the end of the Leaders' Debate. It appears that at least some of the versions of poll contained questions designed to undermine the respondents' confidence in the LibDems. Read the comments below the screenshot.

This needs investigating. If analysis shows it was indeed biased, YouGov has lost all credibility as a polling organisation.

Nadhim Zahawi recently stood down as COE of YouGov in order to stand up as Conservative MP candidate for Stratford Upon Avon.

When YouGov find in a poll for the Sun that voters fear a Cameron Government more than a Clegg Government, the Sun supresses the result.

Mr Murdoch owns the Sun. But he does not own the truth, and he does not own the will of the British people.


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