Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Osbornomics, and associated worries. Why do we bother, Fawlty?

Feeling a bit pathetic today, what with the noise of The Boy George sharpening his knife, grinning maliciously as he readies himself to start carving away at public spending.

Part of me says, let it happen. So much of state spending is inefficient and misguided. Management costs. Pah. Ptui. Consultants' fees - yes, there is a painless cost to be cut. Benefits paid out on condition that the recipient does no work. Madness. (We need a Green Wage Subsidy). And so on.

We are very badly governed. The only question is, will Osbornomics bring on a double dip recession? I would bet on it, if I were a betting man. And if I did, would that affect my political/economic activity? Such as it is.

The words of the Colonel in Fawlty Towers come to mind, again:
"Why do we bother, Fawlty?"

I just had a desultory poke at the Debategraph, inserting the UK's economic problems.

Yesterday was good. I finished refurbishing a table that I rescued from the waste stream, and plnted out loads of poppies (non-opium, for all the security agents who read this blog). I put the second bucket into the Humanure Hacienda, which is already showing signs of warming up. I need some 2" screws (where the hell did the last lot go?) and need to post off some batteries to the battery refurbish man. I need to heat a fork up to cherry red in a fire, and then quench it, then heat it up to blue, and let it cool down. I have to take a surgery in Stockwood this afternoon. (Hello Stockwood Pete).

So - politics bad, real life good.

There is more to life than Osbornomics. As The  Boy George is about to find out.

Stuff it. I'm going outside.
After I've taken a look at Twitterland.

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