Sunday, May 16, 2010

Take It Back Protest in Bristol

I attended the TakeParliamentBack demonstration on College Green, Bristol yesterday. About 30 were there, a few Greens, a few LibDems, the usual suspects, behaving politely as only British demonstrations do. The picture of the whole 30 of us packed together has inexplicably not appeared on my camera.

There were some Greek protesters who had come along, and they were more vivacious, chanting and giving very long, very rapid speeches. I hung out to try to learn more of what is happening in Greece. It's the usual story; it's the poor wot get's the blame, it's the rich wot gets the pleasure, ain't it all a bleeding shame?

Anyway, back to PR. I chatted with a few activists, and suggested the General Tea Break possibility. The great British Public are not yet up for a General Strike for political reform, but they might be up for a short General Tea Break - say - 9-9.15 AM every Monday morning, until we get PR.

I also think that the various ad hoc campaigns on democracy should  unite into one organisation.

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