Saturday, July 31, 2010

Benefit System raises mAny Questions

Is it me, or is the BBC Radio Any Questions? programme sliding inexorably down the sticky slope that leads to the dogs?

The latest programme has the whole panel blithering meaninglessly about the benefit system, mainly focussing on the tiny minority of dysfunctional people and families who choose not to work.

Nobody mentioned the fact that most people on the dole are poverty stricken, embarassed, and frustrated by their position, and would gladly work if (a) it would increase their prosperity and (b) if there was some bloody work available for them to do.

Osbornomics means that (b) is going to get less in the next few months.

The Green Wage Subsidy is the way to go. George "Smeagol" Osborne is looking for suggestions. I will write to him.

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