Sunday, July 18, 2010

George Osborne is about to explode an economic suicide belt .

I feel the need to explain the intermittent nature of blogging over the last few weeks. Blogging is a habit, and my habit has been interrupted by Glasotonbury, a trip to Fowey, with a quick sail, a day on the beach in Dorset, digging a terrace and rockery at home, doing the trimming in the bathroom, and many other events in meatspace. While not blogging, I have been watching the bizarre pageant of unfolding world and national events, in which inter alia, it is becoming public knowledge that the British Government is involved in torture and is now going about boasting that it is wearing an economic suicide belt which it is about to explode.

All of which bring to mind the immortal words of the  Colonel in Fawlty Towers "Why do we bother, Fawlty?"


Instancia said...

I'm still waiting for you to tell us about that dancing in Bodmin. Is it anything like their wrestling?

As to bizarre pageants, it's going to get a lot more bzarre, twisted and warped before it gets any better, doc, so hold on to your hat!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes... and now David Cameron is calling those who oppose these cuts "deficit deniers".
A sloganizing way of immediately putting your opponent on the wrong side of the argument.
I wonder where he got that idea from?


DocRichard said...

Hi JMac
I wd say it is a fair description. There is a deficit, undeniably, just as it is undeniable that global warming is taking place.

The debate is over the best way of tackling said problems.

Anonymous said...

Of course I know you understand that Cameron isn't using that phrase to label people who deny that the deficit exists. He is using it to label those people who oppose Con/Dem cuts.
Doesn't that include the Green party?
Didn't they put out a budget briefing saying cuts were unnecessary?
So the Green party are "deficit deniers" according to Dave.
I was never in favour of this type of rhetoric when "climate deniers" was bing bandied about.


DocRichard said...

Denial is the psychological defence mechanism used to blank out unwanted reality.

It is a reality that we have a budget deficit. The debate is over the best way to manage it. Much of our deficit goes back hundreds of years. I am unable to confirm or refute the suggestion that we are still paying the ransom of Richard the Lionheart. Undoubtedly, like all nations bar 4, we have a national debt, one of the largest. Debt is a way of making our children pay for our costs. We are paying for our ancestors' costs. It is insane to try to pay off a debt that goes back hundreds of years in a decade or two. We need to pay it off, but steadily, in a way that does not bring on a second wave of recession. It is generally agreed that Osborne's plan is going to do just that. We will find out in a few months.

Thanks for commenting JMac. I just wish I knew who you are.