Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Global temperatures set a new record.

Bad news for human beings of both types, the rational and the climate sceptics. The 12 month running mean of global temeperature has set a new record, despite the fact that we are in a period of cooler solar input. Things will get worse if there is a La Nina (warming oceanic currents) this year, and over the next 5 years as the solar cycle starts a warming upswing.

The full paper with the data is here.

Here is one of the graphs derived from the paper:

Blue curve: 12-month running-mean global temperature.   Note correlation with Nino index (red = El Nino, blue = La Nina).   Large volcanoes (green) have a cooling effect for ~2 years.

Here is a longer look back:

The New Your Times, which has sided with the sceptics in the past,  has carried an editorial calling for action on global warming.

Dare we hope that this means that the mainstream media is at last waking up to the reality of what is happening to our home planet?

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