Monday, July 26, 2010

Life, and the struggle, goes on

The weekend was passed in Llanthony Priory with friends, riding and walking, (up on that ridge) and the effects are as follows:
(a) My quads hurt every step I take, which is OK as far as blogging is concerned, except that
(b) I find it difficult to take an interest in politics, because sky, mountains and life seem much more real.

However, I note that Carne Ross and Wikileaks have exploded another 2 IEDs under the secrecy veil of the Afghan and Iraq wars, and that Wilkinson and Pickett have deflated the case brought against them by right wing ideologues.

More importantly, I have bought an e-book that offers the secret of super colloidal compost. I will tell you how I get on - but I fall at the first hurdle, because you have to make the pile all at once, not add to it on a daily basis. Not sure how to get around that one. More cheerful about some of the necessary herbal additives, because one of  them is dandelions, and my "lawn" is rich in dandelions.

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