Thursday, August 12, 2010

Composting toilets to the rescue

No blog today as I have been busy packing up my 2 compost toilets and 3 buckets of sawdust, 2 scoops and typing up instructions in order to lend them to Lily who is having 150 peeps round on Saturday for her 60th.

If you are on a septic tank designed for three, you need to think twice about throwing a large party. I have seen problems from this.

So it is humanure compost toilets to the rescue.

Plus I get to use the products.

Everyone is a winner.

Using This Compost Toilet

Thank you for using this compost toilet.

This is what to do.

1. remove undergarments

2. sit on toilet (this includes you, sir, as science shows that men are not as accurate as they think they are)

3. pee or poo as desired

4. clean up in normal way. Put paper (and tampons) in toilet.

5. cover pee or poo with enough sawdust.

6. wash your hands

7. enjoy the satisfaction of being Part of the Future.

Compost loos are:

· non smelly

· use natural thermophilic (heat producing) composting process to kill dangerous viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

· Complete the Cycle of Nature : plants feed humans, humans feed plants.

· Conserves drinking water (why sh*t in your drinking water? Ugh.)

· Should be used extensively in arid countries and rainy countries alike.

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