Saturday, August 07, 2010

The economic fly in Caring Conservatism's emollient

Over on Conservative Home, Tim Montgomerie is coming out as a caring Conservative.

My 2p (or, if Weggis prefers, 2d):

Very interesting. If government is about promoting the interests of the ones who go to work, as per George Osborne's definition, this raises the question of whether there is enough work for all to do.

All due credit to IDS for looking at how to spring the Unemployment Trap, but this will not help much if George's policies bring on a double dip (DD) recession. If, as seems likely, that does come about, Conservatives, no matter how caring, will have caused even more people to lie in bed in miserable contemplation of their empty lives.

The alternative to this scenario is for Conservatives to open their eyes to market externalities, (a.k.a the real world), and implement the Green New Deal, which will act as a valid investment by creating thousands of jobs, protecting us from energy insecurity, helping our balance of payments (by reducing future energy imports), reducing the impact of Peak Oil, and (pace Tory AGW deniers) contribute to reducing global warming.

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