Sunday, August 08, 2010

Gove, School milk, Pakistan diplomacy : the Tory Hokey Cokey

Some sober reflections on the recent flurry of readjustments on the part of the ConDem Government.

You put yer school cuts in, take the school cuts out, in out, in out & shake it all about, 
it's a #toryhokeycokey, so that's all right
That's what it's all about

ooOOOH the hokey cokey &c

You put yer free milk in, take the free milk out, in out, in out & shake it all about, it's a #toryhokeycokey, so that's all right &c

They look both ways, they're our best mates, best mates, both ways, shake it all about, 
it's a #toryhokeycokey, so that's all right &c


Unknown said...

um er - I agree on the removal of free milk - it's pointless, does little good and costs. It's only a PR exercise of any gov to give away meaningless little things so the prols think they're getting something for nothing. What do the vegan kids get?

DocRichard said...

Your Maj
Free school milk was a good idea in the time of poverty and hunger to fend off rickets and vit A and D deficiency. Not so much of a problem nowadays (tho vit D deficiency is attracting atention).

I do worry about kids who are intolerant of milk.

But I am waxing lyrical here about the flip flops of the Cleggeron, rather than the impact of their decisions.

With deep bows