Saturday, August 21, 2010

Green Wage Subsidy - a prescription for unemployment

If, as expected, George Chainsaw Osborne brings on a double dip recession, unemployment is going to rise.
Unemployment is not good for people. I did this in my book, Bills of Health.

If unemployment is set to rise, we need to start thinking about a Green Wage Subsidy now.

In essence:

1 Employers public or private may apply for official approval that their work is of benefit to society or environment.
2 If approved, they can take on new workers, who are able to bring their benefit to work with them.
3 Employer makes up the benefit to the going rate for the job, i.e. the new job is subsidised by the benefit system.
4 Safeguards are set up to prevent abuse.

1 Unemployment reduced.
2 Society and environment benefit.
3 Energy savings are made(energy conservation would be a major approved work)
3 Less poverty, misery, ill health
4 No extra cost to the State, as unemployment Benefit would have been paid anyway.

I just put this up on a 4th International site here, but I don't suppose they will like it.

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