Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Pakistan floods could lead to global nuclear disarmament

Just a quick note about Pakistan: natural disasters tend to turn people against Governments, especially if they do not deliver an efficient relief response. Wobbly rulers are vulnerable when they are out of the country, especially when there is an emergency on, especially if they are out of the country to launch their son's political career. Especially if their opposition makes big and well-publicised efforts to help disaster victims.

So there is an enhanced possibility that there will be a regime change in Pakistan, even a possibility that an Islamist Pakistan Government may control Pakistan's nuclear deterrent/WMD.

Just another reason for the Cameron Government to initiate a strong international diplomatic effort to get all nuclear nations round the table, and agree to get rid of the bloody things once and for all. Not too much to ask, is it, in these straitened economic times?

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