Saturday, August 14, 2010

UK locked in a cell with a chainsaw maniac called George Osborne

I am not happy today. Not in a miserable or depressed way, but not content with the way things are. Which is pathetic and wrong really, because compared to a person in Pakistan, Somalia or Rwanda, I have every reason to be content with my lot.

The rain doesn't help, but then again, what right do we to moan about rain, compared to a Pakistani?

I confess, with much shame, that part of the reason for unhappiness relates to the fact that the Mabinogogiblog has slipped out of the top 20 Green blogs, although in compensation, yesterday it was lying in 711th place in the Wikio ratings, which is perhaps not so bad. Pathetic, I know, but I am trying to be open here about the many factors contributing to my lack of contentment.

The trigger was the news that the Cleggeron is to destroy the Environment Agency and various other green institutions. This on top of the destruction wrought on the Sustainable Development Commission.

The hollow laugh is that this is coming from Green Dave "Dog Sled" Cameron, backed by the Liberal "Sensible Green Party" Democrats. The self-proclaimed "Greenest Government Yet".

Hah! Or even, Huh!!

(Red readers may object: "Now you are weeping?! What about the benefits reductions, council housing insecurity and all the other attacks on the poor?" My answer is that those attacks are only to be expected from Tories. The attack on environmental protection agencies from Dave "Vote Blue get Green" Cameron is - well not unexpected, but it shows such a psychotic, total gulf between rhetoric and reality.)

Here we are, watching and waiting while Osborne systematically dismantles the machinery of the British State on the basis of free-market ideology that holds that the State is Totally Bad and the Private Corporation is the Sole Good.

Not that Labour's State was perfect. There are many inefficiencies and stupidities in the state as it stands. But Osborne is trying to treat a case of fibromyalgia by hacking off the limbs of the patient one by one with a chainsaw. Efficiency should be brought about by slow, steady reform from the bottom up, not by the financial equivalent of a suicide bombings.

All sentient beings know, or at least, feel this.  The only ones who believe Osborne to be right are the tiny handful of free-market fundamentalist ideologues, and their dupes, the gullible LibDem ministers and mainstream journalists who have bought the propaganda about Britain's parlous financial position. The basic financial fact is that we lie seventh in the league table of wobbly nations, behind the USA, and if the USA gets eaten by the Forex sharks, the whole global financial system goes with it, whether or not we in the UK tear our own heart out and eat it.

The worst bit is that this is only the planning stage. We have not yet got to the realisation of Osborne's dream - the dole queues, the slump, the demonstrations, the crime rates, the social disorder. Nor has Cameron yet started his War. Every Prime Minister has to have a War. A good war had such a wonderful effect in uniting the nation together, don't you agree? Looks as if Dave will go for Iran.

As a rule, I try to stay positive, look for the rational way out of problems. Today, it just feels as if we are locked in a cell with a maniac with a chainsaw.

Ah well. Might feel better tomorrow.


Adrian Windisch said...

Richard, where is the list of Top Green Blogs? I have been looking at the wikio scores, you do well on there.

DocRichard said...

Hi Adrian
It is here somewhere but I can never find my way around the TotalPolitics. They do have a search bar hidden at the bottom of one page. I'm sure the Green results were there unless I dreamed it.

Adrian Windisch said...

I cant see it. Inspire by your comment I had a go at doing a list for myself, you came 11th.

DocRichard said...

Yeah thanks, I saw your list, thanks for doing it. The Total Politics list is well hidden.

I believe the editor of TP is a Tory.

weggis said...

Hey Doc, you do even better in my list - 4th, just behind Jim Jepps.

I suspect you may have found the TP "results" for 2008 or before?

DocRichard said...

Hi Weggis - thanks for that. I am 4th on Ice Rocket. And Phil Booth (Booth - it all makes sense now!) at Ruscombe Green has a well-deserved 1st place on Ice Rocket.

It's a caucus race - we all win. Your turn will come, Weg. Maybe you need to give your avatar a haircut.

*goes off to bed with smile on face*

Paul said...

Interesting blog and site.
I enjoyed them both.

Did anybody who voted Con or Dem wants the ConDems?

Global warming? No Way?

DocRichard said...

Hi Paul
We cannot condemn the ConDems if we want PR, because PR will make CobDom and LabDem and LabGreen Governments the norm. We have to get used to the way they slag each other off during election campaigns, and then cuddle up when they coalesce to form a Govt.

tfwire said...

too true

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