Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baroness Warsi must report electoral fraud to the Police

The Tory peeress Baroness Warsi, chairman of the Conservative Party and minister without portfolio, is alleging that electoral fraud cost the Tories three seats in the election. If, as she suggests, these three seats would have been won from Labour, that would have given Cameron 310 seats against Labour + LibDem combined of 312.

Twitter has Warsi trending (i.e. among the most numerous subjects). The commonest comment is on Warsi's unelected status, which is fair enough as incidental commentary, but does not address the substantial, serious allegations.

If there was fraud, it must be rooted out immediately, and the fraudsters, if convicted, must be given exemplary punishment. Also, electoral rules must be tightened to prevent such fraud.

I spoke to the Electoral Commission, and learned that they have no role to play. It would be a police matter, and Baroness Warsi should make her allegations to the police covering the areas where the fraud occurred.

So, next move is up to the Baroness.

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