Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Coalition Government's Ongoing Record

In this blog post I will collect all the various broken election manifesto pledges of the Coalition Government, (both LibDem and Tory) together with the more obvious and significant errors that they make.
  1. "This will be the Greenest Government Ever" (Cameron) So:

    a. Abolition of the Sustainable Development Commission, the "Government's Green watchdog"
    Here's Jonathon Porrit on the subject.

    Also they will cut:
    # Audit Commission
    # English Heritage
    # Commission on Architecture and the built Environment (perhaps)
    # Carbon Trust/Energy Savings Trust to be decided
    # Advisory committees on organic standards/packaging/pesticides
    # Agricultural Wages boards/committees
    # British Waterways
    # Commons Commissioners
    # Expert Panel on Air Quality Standards
    # Health Protection Agency
    # A whole string of independent committees on radiation/food 
    safety/carcinogens/air pollution and health
    # Commission for Integrated Transport
    # Animal Procedures Committee (to be decided)
    # Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution 
    # Joint Nature Conservation Committee and the Environment Agency (to be 
    decided -- they're legally required as part of enacting various laws and can't 
    simply be erased, but their scope could be severely diminished -- as in the 
    days of the former HMIP).
    Thanks to Paul Mobbs for this list.
    There may well be a case for slimming down, cutting salaries, and making these quangos more efficient, but the Cleggeron is throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
    b. Government will not honour a pledge to make it a criminal offence to posess, or bring into the country, illegal timber.
    c. Are they about to dilute the meaning of "zero carbon homes?
    d. Treasury wants to domesticate DECC civil servants by siting them in Treasury
    e Reneged on promises to include early adopters of renewables in the Feed in Tarriff
    f LibDems have reneged on opposition to nuclear power.

    1. "Four Steps to a Fairer Britain". LibDem election slogan.
      a. Cuts will impact hardest on poor.
    This will be an updatable page, hopefully a communal effort, so if you have any contributions, stick them in the Comments slot, and I will copy and paste the useful contributions. Please try to include a link.
    [27.10.10] Guardian on effect of spending review on environment:
    "far from being the 'greenest government ever'"

    [update 26.10.10]

    It is not all about reducing the deficit. They are still, like any Government, prepared to spend billions of our money on pointless ventures:
    £3 bn on Lansley's NHS privatisation reforms
    £2 bn on spying on our e-comms

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    Adrian Windisch said...

    Excellent post Richard.
    My contribution here http://greenreading.blogspot.com/2010/09/blairalike-contest-clegg-cam-miliband.html