Friday, October 29, 2010

Ruins, 3006 AD

Ruins, 3006 AD

Deep in the forest, further than you could walk
in many days, you'll find among the beech and oak
some soft grey crumbling rock, in slabs,
still smooth sometimes.

How did they raise those towers?
Even in their ruined state they stand
higher than an arrow from the strongest bow could reach
stained brown by rain and garlanded by green.

Sometimes we find
piles of rust nearby
with skeletons,
buried in seated pose.

Some think it was a massive path they made,
maybe a tribute to a god.
or demons, since (so travellers say)
around their ruins
you'll find huge tracts of land
where nobody dare live,
where children do not thrive
where all die slowly and in pain.

We'll never really know.
What does it matter?
demons or gods, we've food enough within our reach
to feed our tribe and some to trade.
That's all we need.

© Richard Lawson
May 2007

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