Sunday, October 17, 2010

This week, the death of the British economy will be announced.

This week Osborne will stand up and announce what cuts are to be made to UK plc. The public are ready for the announcements, their brainwashing is complete: "It is all Labour's fault. There is not alternative to cuts. It is all Labour's fault. There is not alternative to cuts".

They will accept the announcement, and switch off from the fevered debate that follows. But they will change when the cuts begin to hit, and when unemployment grows, and the second phase of the recession kicks in, and when the banks come asking for another £750 billion.

That is when people will begin to question about the information they have been given, and the wisdom of the Coalition's approach.

Things could get interesting then. We must be ready with a comprehensive alternative economic strategy, and ready to respond to a snap election.

We also need to lay down plans for extreme situations. For instance, financial systems and economies are not indestructible, especially if Governments lack flexibility and wisdom. What would we do in situations of hyperinflation, stagflation, or deflation?

I'm only asking.

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Thinking Man's Yob said...

I predict a riot!