Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aung San Suu Kyi released: UN could act on all dictators.

It is ridiculous for the world to treat each oppressive regime as a one-off, with pundits sniping and bleating at them each time the news allows an opportunity.

We know that many dictators and totalitarian regimes exist. Any intelligent mind can observe them forming, as in the case of Kagame.
We know that the UNSC does not deal well with dictators, because one or other member of the UNSC will have them as a client state. They should be dealt with systemically, not on an ad hoc basis.

What we need is a framework of rules that meets each step that a regime takes towards dictatorship with a set tariff of disincentives that are applied to the regime after an automatic legal process.
This is sound psychology.
It is sound diplomacy.
It is achievable.
The counter arguments are tissue thin.

Mental conservatism and inertia is a terrible affliction of the mind. There is a natural tendency to reject any new idea, unless it emanates from a respected, authoritative source.

Roll on the day when humanity rejects authoritarian rule as a matter of course, and looks back on the days of the laissez-faire international policy with the kind of bemusement that we experience when we look back on slavery.

More on preventing and inhibiting dictatorships here.

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