Friday, November 19, 2010

Ireland financial crisis: global agreement on corporation taxation is necessary

Ireland is resisting the bailout because they fear that if it comes with a condition of higher corporation taxes, the corporations they have attracted will take their affections elsewhere.

This shows the vital necessity for the finance ministers of the nations (through groups like the OECD) to get together and agree a set level of corporation taxes globally.  Worldwide, universally. Everywhere.

This would involve mercy killing of tax havens, and closing down tax loopholes.

We could call it globalisation of tax regimes.

While at it they could apply other laws to the mega-corporations.

This measure would go an awful long way to address the horrendous budget deficits faced by many countries, including the UK.

It is achievable, given the political will.

Unfortunately the political will is not there, because the top politicians are all in it together with the corporations.

However, the Irish Greens are in the Irish Government, and are in a position to push this solution with extreme prejudice. Even if it will not avert the present crisis, it would be a great gift to the world of the future, which is what Green politics is all about. In an ideal world, I would be able to ask the International Committee of the Green Party EW would be able to send a message to Comhaontas Glas (= Irish Greens).

I have done this, on your behalf.

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