Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Nuclear Industry are Inveterate, Compulsive Liars

Yesterday I tweeted:

The MoD used Christmas Island bomb nuclear test veterans in an uncontrolled experiment, then suppresses the result. Despicable.

Yes, it was an experiment. They irradiated the troops to see what would happen. When they saw the extent of what happened, they terminated the experiment. When the cancers and malformations began to come in, instead of collecting all the data to add to our knowledge of radio-biology, they stopped collecting systematically, and went into denial.

I know, I had two patients who were in MoD radiation experiments, one at Christmas Island, and one at Porton Down.

Both are now dead.
Both experienced multiple, different cancers - typical of nuclear test veterans.

Here are 10 reasons that nuclear power is not the answer to our problems.

This is the 11th: truth and integrity has no place in the nuclear industry. They are inveterate, compulsive liars.

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