Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Balancing up the Jim Jepps thing

Jim Jepps, who is not a Green Party member but who is Natalie Bennet's partner, is drawing fire in the Mirror, the Mail, and from Guido Fawkes, over some ill-considered blog posts about childhood sexuality.

I wish Jim would read this, about the impact of sexual abuse on the survivors' subsequent lives.

Here is my edited comment on Guido Fawkes:

Just to balance it up, this Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Weston has created a website drawing together information about child abuse by VIPs here: http://vipcsa.wikidot.com/here, and an important critique of the DPP decision about Janner here:http://greenerblog.blogspot.co... . I will also be holding a meeting in Weston to discuss the whole issue of corruption in Westminster, including protection of child abusers, but also the common or garden corruption of MPs, on 28th April.

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