Friday, April 03, 2015

Political biography

Dr. Richard Lawson was for 28 years a GP in Congresbury, and now lives in Churchill. Married, with three children and two grandchildren, he divides his time between blogging and wood work. His blog grapples with tough political and economic problems, particularly the science of global warming. 

He has been in the Green Party since 1979, and was one of the first elected Green District councillors (1986-91). In 1996 he authored a book, Bills of Health, which showed that a fifth of the NHS budget is spent in treating illness caused by unemployment, poverty, bad housing and pollution. He has been a National Green Party Speaker, also Health Speaker and International Coordinator.

Richard created the Global Index of Human Rights, which has been adopted by the Green Party and also by the worldwide Global Green Movement. 
He is chair of the Protect our NHS campaign that successfully helped to block the privatisation of Weston General Hospital. 
He created a website, which draws together the facts about abuse of children by VIPs. 

Richard says: “If elected, I will fight hard to change the system that makes it so difficult for people to move from welfare to work. 
I will fight to create jobs in the green sector of the economy. 
I will protect our beautiful countryside. 
And I will do all I can to root out the corruption at the heart of Westminster that protects VIP child abusers from justice, and protects super-rich tax evaders”.

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