Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Taming the UK media

In addition to constitutional and Parliamentary reform to eliminate the corruption, great and small, that infests our Parliament, we also need to reform the way the media is set up in our backwards country.

Yesterday I stumbled across the Media Reform Coalition, a group of 20 heavyweight NGOs. 

They have a worked out, reasonable Manifesto. Here is the summary:

Five main headings:
  1. Controls on media ownership
  2. Independent,  trusted and effective regulation of the press
  3. Well funded, independent public service media (ie the BBC)
  4. Protection for communication rights (against Govt and private snooping)
  5. Action on lobbying and transparency 
The manifesto develops these points, so I do not need to.

So there we have it. All we have to do is turn Parliament upside down and shake all the money out of its pockets, and tame the corporate media. Then we will be in a position to bring about changes that will allow our children and grandchildren to live decent lives.


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