Monday, July 20, 2015


They say I'm always changing.

Always, but never ageing
From hour to hour
From day to day I change
Yet of all things in the world
I am most constant.

I change from blue to grey
Purple to green
And back again
And when I'm torn or broken
My wound is white.

I'm quicksilver.
I am deep green,
Sometimes shot through with golden rays
Above, that silver window that is your life
Below you, only darkness

I made those rocks that wound me
And sharp sand scimitars that cut me down.
Laid them and mothered them
Over time so long, so vast, so stretched
There is no point describing it.

I laid them flat, 
Tidy and neat
Nice white and cream
But time got at them
Bucking and buckling every which way.

It's better that we start again. 
Grind these great cliffs
So fine, they are dissolved once more
Become alive 
And try again.

Don't call me God.
I'm only one of four
Great forces 
Who create the life
You love and love to hate so much.

This is all true.
I am to you 
Both life and death
You see my skin, but in my self
I hold a world you'll never see.

Don't make an enemy of me.

(c) Richard Lawson 

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