Friday, October 30, 2015

Christians who back Trident are not morally superior to Isis

They are describing IS as a death cult. They are a cult without doubt, and they are deeply into death, so they are probably right.

There are people who call themselves Christians who believe that we should hang on to our nuclear WMD, Trident. They go all serious and sincere and explain patiently, yet forcibly, that we have to have Trident, because otherwise we would all die in a nuclear war because Russia, China, France, Israel, North Korea or some other evil regime will nuke us unless we have Trident.

They believe that us having Trident somehow stop nuclear war from happening. They believe in deterrence.

Nuclear deterrence in physical terms means a web of minds of politicians, advisors, communicators, computers, sensors, technicians, engineers, military, and technology. The minds are professional, but inevitably some will be individually psychopathic, paranoid or unstable.

These "Christians" believe that this deterrence system is perfect. It will not break down. Or if it does break down, it is the Lord's will.

The fact is that nuclear deterrence is not infallible. It is fallible. It will break down. There is a 99.9 recurring percentage probability that it will break down at some future time.

When the nuclear deterrence system breaks down a lot of people will die. The lucky minority will be vaporised. The unlucky majority will die slowly, of burns, diarrhoea, vomiting dehydration, infection,  starvation, leukaemia and cancer, and the tribal warfare that will follow a breakdown of civilisation.

Christians who hold that Trident is regrettably necessary are responsible for these deaths. 
They are making a massive miscalculation by believing that deterrence is infallible. 
Their choice entails massive suffering.
They stand outside of the main stream of Christianity, because the teaching of their founder was clearly against such cruelty.

Therefore "Christians" who support Trident are no better than The Islamic State terrorists. 

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