Monday, February 15, 2016

17 reasons that Jeremy Hunt should resign

My letter to my MP, John Penrose (Con, weston super Mare)

Jeremy Hunt must be sacked from his post as Secretary of State for Health for the following reasons:
  1. In 2005 he co-authored a book (“Direct Democracy: An Agenda for a New Model Party”) in which he called for the NHS to be dismantled in effect denationalising the provision of health care in Britain”.
  2. He wants to create a 7-day service instead of a service without providing any extra resources.
  3. He has persistently misled Parliament and the public by misrepresenting research on mortality at weekends.
  4. He has used out-dated figures to mislead about stroke services.
  5. He has advanced 1% a year for A&E attendances, but they are increasing by 3.6% a year.
  6. Absurdly, he wants to do a survey on junior doctors' morale, when it is plain that his own dictatorial attitude is the cause of their unhappiness.
  7. He expressed the foolhardy opinion that parents should Google their child's rash.
  8. He misleadingly asserted that 19 NHS CEO managers agreed with his contract imposition. They did not. He had changed the text of the letter after they had signed.
  9. 90% of junior doctors are considering resignation over his contract.
  10. His staff told doctors that an event had been cancelled. It had not been.
  11. Not content with alienating the medical profession, he is attacking the nurses by withdrawing their bursaries.
  12. He claimed expenses for his Farnham home while claiming a mortgage on his Hammersmith home.
  13. He claimed in 2010 that hooliganism lay behind the deaths at Hillsborough.
  14. He avoided paying £100,000 in 2012 by a tax scheme.
  15. Nearly 300,000 have signed an ePetition calling for a vote of No Confidence in Hunt.
  16. His approval rating is -48.
  17. All of the above actions are consistent with achieving his aim in point 1: he does not believe in the NHS, and wants to destroy it

Will you join the calls for his resignation?

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