Thursday, March 24, 2016

Terrorists are not terrorists; they are Hate-ists

Terrorism is defined as "the use of violence against civilians  by non-state actors in order to try to secure political gains". That "non-state actors" is important because otherwise many governments could be defined as terrorists, and that would never do.

In fact, terrorists do not really create terror in the general population, they only do that to the few unfortunate people who find themselves in the vicinity of their bombs. The media do their best to pump up the fear, but only succeed in creating mild anxiety in their more suggestible readers.

What terrorists do achieve, big time, is to create hate. This is their real aim. Daesh want to create a real fighting war in Europe between Muslims and "Christians". Their outrages create hate against the so-called terrorists themselves and this hatred becomes generalised so that some more suggestible people begin to hate Islam and Muslims.

Trump, Farage and their ilk are obligingly doing the work of Daesh, relaying and amplifying their hatred.

Daesh should not be called "terrorists". They should be called "hate-ists". It is a more accurate description, and will help to identify their aim, and therefore help us to obstruct it.

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Updated 19/12/2016

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