Thursday, April 20, 2017

Why are we having a General Election?

Parliament rolled over far too easily for Theresa May's new found enthusiasm for a snap election, having stated several times that she would go on until 2012. The sight and deafening gobbling sound of Labour turkeys voting inexplicably for an election the country does not need was a wonder to behold.

The country may not need the June 8th election, but Mrs May and the her party certainly do, because the Crown Prosecution Service is about to prosecute up to 24 sitting Tory MPs for submitting false election expenses claims in 2015.  This could easily wipe out her majority, and also call into question the legitimacy of Cameron's Government and its decisions.

The eerie silence on this issue from the Labour front bench suggests that Labour does not feel completely comfortable about its own election expenses.

And so the pitiful charade of UK democracy is rolled out, with its solemn pretence that the First Past the Post system is anything more than a travesty of democracy.

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