Saturday, June 17, 2017

Grenfell: Big Anger or Big Reforms?

We are all angry over the Grenfell Tower fire, but the anger of those who lost loved ones, friends and neighbours is naturally at very high levels.  The energy of anger needs to be channeled, otherwise it turns to destructive behaviour. Many of us were relieved that there were no riots in London last night. Riots are the last thing we need, because riots cause fires, and more fire deaths are exactly what Daily Mail, Sun etc desire in order to put an end to concern about tower blocks.

Anger needs to be expressed, but expression is not enough. 
There must be significant change in the way people are housed and also in the way we live. 

We need to put forward a specific set of policy changes to present to Government - and be seen to be putting them forward.

Here's a few to begin with:

  1. First we must not let the Government delay any action until the Inquest (which is preferable to May's Judge-led Inquiry) has been published. There are plenty of reviews and reports to guide salient action. It is important that action can be seen to be taking place.
  2. People are calling for "Justice for Grenfell". This will take time, But we can easily identify those Ministers who suppressed the Review of Housing Safety. No need to look too far. We have the names of three MPs who failed to act on warnings: "Sir" Eric Pickles,  Brandon Lewis (now Minister for Immigration)  and Gavin Barwell, who is now Mrs May's Strategy Advisor.

    Barwell and Lewis should lose their jobs immediately, as a symbol of contrition of the Government, and  for what has happened. Pickles should lose his knighthood.

    Then there is a large number of committee members in various bodies like the Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council and their devolved bodies who made wrong decisions. This is subject to a criminal investigation by the police, and will take time.
  3. Physical changes need to be made to all tower blocks in the country. Already reviews are happening. They need to be quality checked by the Health and Safety Executive.
    Here are them main things to be done:
    a) remove all flammable cladding, replace with inflammable (not just Fire Resistant) material.
    b) Install sprinklers, fire alarms etc
    c) research innovative ways of escape from tall buildings
  4. Review of fire instructions in case of fire, first the "stay put" advice, and then organisation of information and support for survivors
  5. No new tower blocks to be built
  6. National debate over the difficult question of whether the existing stock of tower blocks should be demolished. If they are kept, we should set up community workers and community space in each and every block with the aim of turning them into "vertical villages".
These are a few of the most important points. Many more will emerge in empowered discussion with those immediately affected.

Over and above this matter of accommodation, now is a good time to press for a completely new deal for the working classes. Government should study ways of setting up universal Basic Income, and find ways of providing work for all in the green sector of the economy, namely work that helps with the  healing of society and environment.

These seven (or more) points may seem far-reaching, but they are preferable to widespread riots - or even an attempted insurrection. Anger is unpredictable and destructive. Reform is stabilising and constructive. 


Tony Gosling said...

It NEARLY happened in Bristol
Those behind the proposed Bedminster TMO couldn't even spell the word 'tenant'
here's their web info retrieved from the wayback machine.....

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Tony Gosling said...

Download previous copies of our Newsletter & other important documents here:
Dec 2010
Feb 2010
Oct 2009
Mar 2009
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Membership form
Minutes of Nov 2010 & December agenda
Minutes of June 2010 & July agenda
Minutes of May 2010 meeting
BTMO Equal Opportunities
BTMO Consultation & Communication Strategy

The Service Plans
Repairs & Maintenance:
We are going to make 2 key changes. Firstly we are going to operate a ‘handyman scheme’ – who will be based locally and on-hand full time (including Saturdays) to carry out minor repairs. This will be a fast and responsive service which will prevent many repairs becoming more major. Secondly the Repairs Contractor will be directly employed by, and accountable to, YOUR TMO Board. The Council will no longer appoint and manage the Repairs Contractor.

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Under a TMO, ALL of the staff responsible for providing the housing service will be managed by our own TMO Manager – who in turn will report directly to YOUR TMO Board. The Council will no play a part in this – simple!

2010 BedminsterTMO
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