Friday, January 19, 2018

Reflections on a small body of water


In an inch of water
sky is caught
and trees stretch naked arms

where air and liquid meet
light splits up
and three worlds interweave.

Leaves that once shed green light
and made sweet_
sugar, the food of life,

move in this shallow pool
back to earth
back to the precious skin

that works with fire, with air
and water
to make life tangible

and within our living selves
has grown to be our world

able to see, touch, feel,
not tangible,
but stronger than a tree

as bubbles formed in glass
reflect all that's around

or on wet trees, one drop
holds the world
stretched round its gleaming edge

taking in all of it
leaf, light and earth
to recreate a world

within a world. Creates
our knowledge
so that we reflect

the living world. Our power
is god-like.
Nothing is beyond us

unless we sometimes lose
the vision,
the play of light on pools.

(c) Richard Lawson
Churchill 2018

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