Tuesday, March 20, 2018

BBC issues false statement in response to their altered image of Corbyn

I have received an inadequate  response to my complaint to the BBC. They did not respond to my point (see previous post), so this is my complaint no 2:

Your response included the line, "Mr Corbyn has been photographed wearing this particular hat and coat many times, and they were not in any way altered or ‘photoshopped’ to appear ‘more Russian.’ "

This statement is false.

As I wrote in my original complaint,  I have closely examined the two images, the original and the Newsnight version, and measured precisely the dimensions of the face and hat, deriving ratios of the breadth and height in four different cuts. (I can show detailed workings if you wish). The ratios of the Newsnight version is 2.9% more narrow than the original, but the height of the Newsnight hat is 13% taller than the original. Therefore the image *has* been altered, and the effect is to make it look as if he is wearing an obviously Russian fur hat.

I will stress that this is a measurement, not an impression or a perception.

Therefore the original photo was indeed altered or "photoshopped", and your response is not true, either because the respondent was just repeating something that they had been told, or with a deliberate intention to mislead. Which was it?

By issuing a false statement, you have compounded the original insult.

Please admit the truth, that someone in the BBC altered the original image.
Reveal who ordered it to be done, and reveal why it was done.


Esinem said...

#fakenews and here is the evidence: https://plus.google.com/+BruceEsinemUK/posts/HBxLXkpoLjW The sheer desperation of the left!!

DocRichard said...

The image you are using is not the one shown on Newsnight. The rays are different.
Please tell us how you got the BBC original.