Monday, November 26, 2018

#TakeYourSeat poem

COP24 is an international  gathering coming up in Katowice, Poland, on December 2-14 to discuss the nations' progress towards implementing the Paris Agreement to limit world temperature gain to 1.5C.

David Attenborough is going to represent the voice of the people.
He has asked people on social media to use the hashtag #TakeYourSeat to advise him of people's feelings about global warming.

I made this poem for him:


Dear David Attenborough,

It’s gotta be fun
While we learn how the Sun
Can supply all our need
And we learn how to feed
On veg that’s delicious
As well as nutritious.

It’s gonna be fun
When we talk
While we walk
(even run)
To good work
That we all love to do.
Because, just like you
Green means a good deal
And that’s how we feel,
With constructive employment.
We all get enjoyment
When we find the solution
Means less air pollution.
It’s gonna be fun.

So – no fuss
On the bus,
No pain on the train.
We will all like our bikes.
We will not huff and puff
As we downsize our stuff.
We’ll feel fantastic
When we get rid of plastic
We will feel really good
As we walk in the wood
We’ll stop feeling bitter
As our children get fitter,
We will feel that much wealthier
When our children get healthier
one by one.

It’s gonna be fun.

So don’t make it a chore
In COP24.
Don’t be imperious
Or even dead serious
When you speak to the leaders

(Not even the bleeders
Who say it’s a hoax -
They’re nothing but jokes).

You don’t have to tell them their system is crappy -
You just have to say  
“Let The People Be Happy”.

Richard Lawson
Churchill 24/11/2018

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