Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Green growth, but non-linear change is necessary

One of the indicators of political health is the growth or shrinkage of a party's vote.
On this measurement, Greens clearly come out top, and Poordon Brown's Labour party the also ran.

Growth of vote compared to previous EuroElection:

Green---------------- 2.4+
BNP------------------ 1.3 +
Con------------------ 1+
SNP----------------- 0.7+
UKIP---------------- 0.3+
Plaid----------------- 0.1-
LibDem-------------- 1.2-
Poor old Labour ------6.9-

So we are making headway, steady and slow, much too slow to make a difference to the way politicians address the real ecological problems faced by humanity. The politicians, media, and electorate are caught in a web of self-interest, fantasy and deceit, where personalities and tittle tattle are presented as a substitute for real policy.

The irony is that many voters are angry about self serving politicians, but events have conspired to enable them to give a boost to UKIP, who have the most self-serving MEPs of all.

The only way Greens are going to make significant headway is by a non-linear step change in the political system, with radical political reforms.

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