Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bee Blog Day: Bayer Buys BBKA

I have just learned from the estimable Ruscombe Green that today is Bee Blogging Day.
Here's my 2b worth:

Every skuleboy kno that we would all die of starvation if no bees.
Every skuleboy kno that CCD is killing bees seriously.

Bayer's neo-nicotinoids are implicated in Colony Collapse Disorder CCD.
Bayer supports the British Bee Keepers Association.
Therefore the BBKA has no position on whether neo-nicotinoids are implicated in CCD.

If I'm wrong, Bayer can Carter-Ruck me.

My local Tory MP, John Penrose, is a beekeeper and he just looked shifty when I raised the neo-nicotinoid question when I met him at Winscombe fete. He is a decent enough guy as a person, but naive in terms of corporate influence, no understanding of the realities of corporate influence.

I am standing against him in the General Election.

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