Saturday, February 20, 2010

Green Party conference.

Green Party Conference is in London, which is a bit depressing as trees and vegetation are in short supply in that location. It is as if winter is the only season. And loads of people. Masses. Everywhere - above ground and under ground. They have special closed down faces in the tube and buses, as there are far too many people to have a chat to, otherwise they'd never get anything done. I mean, if I am laying a hedge in Somerset, it takes 5-10 minutes' chat everytime someone comes by. In London, you'd spend all day chatting.

Pleased to notice that people are definitely tending to walk on the left in the underground walkways, since I had a chat about it with Darren Johnson at a previous Conference. It is due to a kind of disturbance in the Force, because the people at TfL came back with a ridiculous and totally illogical fob-off when Darren asked the Mayor to suggest that people walked on the left in order to smooth the flow.

Anyway, Conference.  Brilliant talks today about equality by Johann Hari and Kate Pickett on equality. Basically, research shows that unequal societies with a big RPG (Rich Poor Gap)  are miserable, unhealthy, violent, criminal, &c. More equal societies are happier, healthier, more peaceable, more law-abiding.

Could the fact that new money is created almost exclusively by making loans at interest have something with the RPG?

Funny that Greens, LibDems, and Labour are all campaigning in the General Election for Fairness.  Only the Conservatives are campaigning for unfairness. Johan had some amazing facts about Conservatives' perceptions - one survey showed that they thought the average UK income as £30k!!!

The Handbrake Tendency is going to try to stifle my  motion on Dealing with Dictators (here, and ctrl+f, or near the bottom). They much prefer the present set up, with oppression ("people must be free to decide what they want, some may prefer to be tortured") and to continue as at present with wars and stuff. (In fact Conference did not reach the motion)

And I have drafted an Emergency Motion to get Caroline to go on the offensive about the Party Funding Scandal.  It went through, but no action has been taken.

So - OK, not so bad today. Woke up in despair last night at 4 am, but that is normal for me at this stage of Conference.

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